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Reign of Shadows Raids

  • Make sure you pick up your weekly quests from the NPCs located at -657.41 5.49 -314.58 in The City of Fordel Midst
  • The Epic Hallmark quest "A Bounty is in Order" can be purchased from the merchant Vashlyn in Echo Caverns at -61.94 177.41 -107.48. It will cost 250 Bazaar Crowns.

Resolve requirements are listed below.

Tier Named Zone Boss
1 ? 5085
2 5085 5190

Normal Mode Specifics

All strats mentioned default to the 'normal' difficulty encounters. If there are Expert or Challenge mode differences, they will be mentioned specifically on a per-mob basis.

Challenge Mode Specifics

Specify Challenge specific differences.

[Echo Caverns: Expedition Precarious [Raidventure]]

  • Zone in is located at 21.92 116.65 -197.64 in Echo Caverns by clicking on a paper on the wall.
  • Speak with pops when you first get in to update quest and initiate the radidventure. Pops' first location is 21.99 115.82 -208.53

The Ancient Burrower Beast

  • Named is located at X Y Z

Use death prevent on whoever gets the curse.

Lhurzz the Nibbler

  • Named is located at X Y Z

Entire raid needs to joust the emote.

Jerrek Amaw'Rosis

  • Named is located at X Y Z

Tank and spank. Cure ASAP.

Grieg Veneficus

  • Named is located at -308.15 243.24 120.90
  • Use stun rune

Tank and spank name around -282.552948,222.285645,51.250546. When the 'a Stalking Wolf' add spawns, a mage will get an incurable curse. Mage with curse will need to kite the wolf around the raid, staying 20m away from it. Kill the wolf asap. The wolf spawns every 10%.

[Shadewaver Thicket: Spirit Harvest [Raid]]

  • Zone in is located at 111.14 54.16 -143.66 in Shadeweaver's Thicket.

Nelon Hes

  • Named is located at -93.86 66.52 -420.59
  • Clear shadeweaver trash to spawn

Joust the text "Nelon Hes begins to siphon power from your allies in preparation for a power heavy ability!" (~25m). Kill adds.

Hoggith the Eternal Cinder

  • Named is located at 326.66 80.87 472.92

Joust the text (25+ m), wait for rooted person to get free. Avoid the crosshairs that the adds walk towards.


  • Named is located at XYZ

Tank & spank, cure asap.

Khati Sha / Khati Sha the Twisted

  • Named is located at 816.02 47.49 445.36
  • Use fear rune

Part 1: Tank name, kill add "a summoned restless spirit", ignore pet. Part 2: Keep name 20m from raid, split the adds apart, kill "a tormented husk" first.

Older Content

Blood of Luclin Raid Instances