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Reign of Shadows Heroics

Make sure you pick up your quests from the NPCs located at -657.41 5.49 -314.58 in The City of Fordel Midst (Shadow Haven)

Resolve requirements are listed below.

Tier Named Zone Boss
1 4560 4575
2 4875 4890

Normal Mode Specifics

All strats mentioned default to the 'normal' difficulty encounters. If there are Expert or Challenge mode differences, they will be mentioned specifically on a per-mob basis.

Expert/Challenge Mode Specifics

Specify whatever bullshit DBG puts in like Guk Strong/Strength in Numbers.

Echo Caverns: Quarry Quandry [Heroic]

  • Zone in is located at 397.22 -35.98 748.60 in The City of Fordel Midst (Nexus)

Undertaker Zelimox

  • Located at 136.03 110.00 8.35
  • Keep killing Cthulu boys in the area right around the first area. There will be an emote/announce "The Undertaker has arrived to consume your souls!"

Summons two sets of adds throughout the fight; "a shade horror" and "a deepshade soulsapper". Probably best to kill these as they come.

Around 40% will cast an AE Mez (Thought Revoker, Icon is an Eye), so either immunity rune, precast an avoid, or just eat it.

Otherwise straightforward tank and spank.

The Needlite Queen

  • Named is located at 713.08 183.32 309.00
  • Kill the groups of 'a needlite bloodroyal' until the emote "The deaths of her bloodroyals has awoken the queen of the needlites!" appears.

While killing bugs, they will occasionally drop 'a needlight bloodsac'. Throughout the fight, the Queen will gain a stacking buff (Bloodthirst, yellow background red heart icon). Once it hits 10 stacks, she will begin one shotting her current target. You can remove stacks of this buff via dispelling or by using a bloodsac on the named. Adds spawn throughout the fight 'a needlite bloodsapper' which also drop these sacs.

Chief Broglyn

  • Roams around 5.55 157.15 325.25
  • Kill all of the 'a bogling cultist' groups approaching the named, as well as the 'a bogling of Broglyn' that spawns after the group dies.

The named will 'go berserk', however this just seems to be an increase in overall damage, can be healed through pretty easily. Adds will spawn throughout the fight named 'a cursed bogling', kill them immediately to lower incoming damage.


  • Roams around -246.77 223.91 48.90
  • Kill all the lizards all around the area before pulling the named.

Throughout the fight adds named 'a hungry tuatara' will spawn, kill them, burn named.


  • Scyphodon is weak to COLD damage.
  • Named is located at -389.51 176.07 324.39
  • Everyone in the group should preharvest a colossal cane, and consume the item.
  • Magic Sugar (buff gained from using colossal cane) requires 1 concentration, ensure that everyone is actually using it!

Throughout the fight there are various callouts, the two most important is the ae, and devour. Your group will need to move around throughout the fight to be relatively close to the canes.

"Scyphodon discharges electricity towards Charname!" - Looks like a curable debuff, need more info.

"lashes out at anyone too close with his tail!" - Big ae, hits multiple times for up to 500m per hit.

"opens its maw, ready to devour sugary treats!" - Everyone in group should CANCEL the Magic Sugar buff obtained from using the colossal cane. Once removed, move to a plant and pick up a new one. Once ability is done casting, reuse the cane to regain the buff, and the ability to target/damage the named.

Echo Caverns: Fungal Foray [Heroic]

  • Zone in is located at 397.22 -35.98 748.60 in The City of Fordel Midst (Nexus)

After zoning in, take the zip line at -43.83 142.07 -259.62.

Navigate to -289.61 141.17 -314.27 killing trash along the way, move onto the teleporter. Once through, take a hard right and wait for the rockbros and cthulus to finish fighting, killing them as they become attackable until you get to the 3 deepshades fighting one construct. Watch them fight until the construct kills the corruptors, the first named will now be attackable.

Corrupted Construct

  • Located at -149.23 57.88 -380.42

KNOCKBACK if ignored - Throughout the fight, the named will announce "The Corrupted Construct prepares to unleash a 10 meter blast around itself!". At this point, joust at least 10 meters out.

"Plasma Plague protects you against the Corrupted Construct's Infections Fists!" leave Plasma Plague uncured to stop proccing it's 3% heal every other hit while Infection Fist is up.


  • Located around -340.15 62.92 -209.23 after clearing
  • In order to spawn the named, you should kill chasm fiends until you see 'A sinister presense pierces the shadows!'

Throughout the fight, Shadowphage will emote 'Shadowphage stops to gather darkness around itself!' - Several adds will spawn, and a stacking buff will apply to the named, which lowers incoming damage. Kill the adds immediately, once they are dead the debuff stacks will start counting down.

Additionally the mob will emote 'Shadowphage drops something you don't want to be near!' - this will spawn a pile on the ground. Move at least 10 meters away from it to avoid a bad power drain.

Vinzerah Ral'Moor

  • Located at -190.05 313.18 -333.05

Every so often, named will emote 'Vinzerah Ral'Moor activates another balanzite crystal!' - This will cause a mob to spawn above one of the crystals around the named. Each one left up buffs the named, so kill them as they spawn.

Additionally the named will emote 'Vinzerah Ral'Moor summons forth an anime of order!' - This will spawn a golem add, if left up for long enough, it will emote 'will soon turn to chaos if not killed swiftly!' so kill them immediately, prioritized over the crystals.

Sporefiend Zugu

  • Located at 278.92 15.15 -466.41
  • In order to spawn the named, you need to be drunk, which can be done by drinking the 'pulpy puffballs' that drop from mobs in the area, then traveling down to Sods and Bends 301.04 13.22 -473.44 and roam around, spawning the adds until you get an emote that the named has spawned.

Zugu will emote 'Zugu buries his fists into the ground, stimulating the growth of his favorite food!' - When he does this, multiple 'a spore-bearing bolete' will spawn, which then spawn 'a mushroom spore'. If you allow 10 spores to stay alive at any time, something bad happens. So burn Boletes - Spores - Named.

'Sporefiend Zugu goes after the most highly intoxicated of you all!' - Probably best to have the tank stay hella drunk.

Fungus King Cremini

  • This named is weak to HEAT damage.
  • Located at 278.92 15.15 -466.41
  • To get to the named, from Sods and Bends head to 358.96 6.28 -374.21 and go up the ramp, turning left and head up the tree/roots to the right hand side to 290.17 68.87 -530.30. Walk up the tree to get to the tamed dragonfly at 506.97 110.15 -525.86, ride the dragonfly to the final named area.
  • You have to be drunk to see the named, and stay drunk throughout the fight.

Throughout the fight, the named will cast Amatoxin Binding, which will reduce your level of drunkenness, so you will need to continually consume the puffballs looted throughout the zone.

Adds will spawn, which drop more puffballs, the named will get a stacking buff for each add left alive, so kill them asap and assign puffballs to whoever has the fewest.

Echo Caverns: Zelmie Sortie [Event Heroic]

  • Zone is located at 616.25 25.70 -438.14 in Echo Caverns, right inside Zel Manaan.

In the first room, there are many Zel Manann Spores, kill them to shrink down small enough to enter the first door.

Kwillix Quickshot

  • Becomes attackable after killing enough adds in the first room after entering the manor.

Tank and spank, adds spawn throughout the fight, if low dps may need to kill them to prevent them from adding up.

Steena Dragonflyer

  • Becomes attackablle after killing enough trash in the second manor room.

Gains a stacking buff for each dragonfly add up, but when an add is killed, a curse will be placed on a group member. You can avoid this by killing the 'soldier ants' that spawn with the dragonflies. When an ant is killed, the dragonfly that spawned with it will run away. If the curse isn't cured, it will kill the character.

Will emote 'tells her dragonfly to buzz everyone in front of it' - will trigger a frontal that does a lot of damage.

Frindel Sporemiser

  • Named is weak to HEAT damage.
  • After clearing trash, click the named to start the encounter.

Throughout the fight quite a few things are going on. First, adds will spawn 'a minishri' which should be killed.

Frindel will also cast "Bolete Blast" - which will put a detriment on a character, in order to cure it, the character must either be a healer, or be standing pretty much on top of one.

Additionally, Frindel will emote 'removes his death cap' - If attacked while Death Cap is active, you will get a curse named Death Cap, which is a stacking dot/power drain, when cured it will automatically reset the reuse on Cure Curse, so if the whole group gets it, it can be cured quickly, however if left to expire, it will kill the character.

Constantly throughout the fight, black circles will spawn under chars, and stuff will fly out and likely kill you. If a black circle spawns under you, move away from it.

Fifteen seconds after removing his death cap, he will put it back on, allowing you to freely attack the named.

Shadeweaver's Thicket: Feral Reserve [Heroic]

  • Zone in is located at -355.70 91.86 179.38 in The City of Shar Vahl


  • Named Roams along the pathways near the entrance.

Potentially bugged? Named starts with 10 stacks of damage reduction/damage increase, that drops when an owlbear is killed nearby it, however it resets to 10 every time an owlbear add spawns. At 10 stacks, it was still survivable so just kill adds as they come.

Hopper the Blood-Drenched

  • Named has an AE Fear, put on a Blinding Gleam rune to bypass that aspect of the fight.

Kill the heroic Saurek Shredders around path leading above/to the right of the Hopper adds for 'saurek spleen' drops for everyone in the group. Using them gives a two minute buff which makes the x4 Saureks around Hopper non-aggro. When you enter the weater, the duration drops to one minute. The reuse on the clicky is 30 seconds, so you will need to renew it multiple times throughout the fight.

Hopper starts with 100% damage reduction, pull Aqualings on top of Hopper and kill them to drop his damage reduction.

The Poached Poacher

  • Named is located at -350.61 105.20 68.53
  • In order to spawn the named, you will need to pull Whisperlings on top of the various animals around where the named spawns. The named will spawn once five creatures have been converted.

This named will cast a debuff that will proc stacks of 'Poisoned Arrowhead' on characters, this can only be cured when standing near one of the ghost mobs.

The Poacher will also cast a frontal cone AE similar to the archer in Seru Raid. At 50% the named goes invincible, and you will need to pray to one ghostly animals to prevent getting one shotted.


  • Named is on the ceiling around -174.25 -400.27 -397.04 in the second chamber of the ant colony.

Every so often ports away and spawns adds 'a widow hatchling' and 'a predatory silkspinner' ports back once the silkspinners are dead. Also announces that it's doing a frontal flurry/rear attack, that don't really seem to do anything.

Vincene and Vincenz Kovari

  • Named is weak to POISON damage.
  • Named roams around -547.95 -325.62 -321.65

Pick one of the two named that you want to kill first. Every so often, the one you are burning will transform into a werewolf, and six 'a (specific to mob your burning) anchor' will spawn, kill them until you kill the correct one (cant determine which one is the 'correct' one). The mob will revert back to non-animal form.

While in animal form, they can cast a debuff that if NOT cured while in animal form will kill the person who has it, so watch the group and ensure that toons are cured before finishing each of the anchors.

The nameds will summon a spider add repeatedly throughout the fight named 'a Kovari deathbiter' - it hits hard so burn as soon as it gets within range.

Once you have killed the first named, the second one is tank and spank.

Shadeweaver's Thicket: Untamed Lands [Heroic]

  • Zone in is located at -137.50 31.92 244.04 in The City of Shar Vahl


  • Named is located at -95.24 65.94 -416.32

Any Shadeweaver trash note cleared pre-pull will add on once engaged.

Will cast summon 'shadeweaver silk strand' which lowers damage the mob takes, and will cast 'Silky Situation' which makes all spells/cas cast health instead of power, and has a dot associated with it. Damage goes down the further you are from the named, but damage is low enough to be mostly ignored.

Will also cast 'Silkenvelopment' Which is a potency + dps mod debuff, that can only be cured while Silken Barrier is up.


  • Named spawns after clicking the red glow effect at -251.25 38.04 -130.27

Every 20% will port back to the island, and cast a root on everyone in the group, cure it and get away from the island, back to land. Once back on land, look around for 'a Gor Taku raider' pull it towards the water. Sotek will port to it, killing it. Burn till the next port happens and repeat till mobs dead.

Casts 'Disperse Spirits' which looks to be damage + power drain, it specifies whether its going to hit people 'close' or 'far'. Damage/Drain isn't bad enough to warrant jousting unless you are especially squishy.

Nok Hakka

  • Named is located at 83.78 53.83 -147.06

Throughout the fight, will spawn pet adds, can kill them, or just let AE burn them down. Probably the most straightforward fight of this expansion.

Spiritist Karina

  • Named spawns after clicking the Vah Shir bones at 132.57 64.58 -576.34

Ten adds 'a lesser shade' spawn on pull, all must be pulled near the named and kill to drop damage reduction on the named.

Named will occasionally cast 'Darkened Jawbone Curse' on a group member. A darkened Jawbone will be placed in that characters inventory, destroy it to drop the curse before it kills you.

Named will cast Soul Schism, which if cured, will just reapply itself, so let it be.

The Desolator

  • Named is weak to DIVINE damage.
  • Named roams around 398.70 16.74 -557.93

The named will cast 'Waning Weaponry' which does 5% damage to your primary weapon every 10s, if your weapon breaks, you die. There are multiple Kela Zov Xakra ghost npcs around the area, they can be clicked every 30 seconds to repair your weapon.

Named casts 'Frozen Will' which is an ae mez, you can put on Astral Dominion runes to block the mez component.

Every 10% the named will call out one player, saying that only they can see which portal is safe. At the same time two portals will spawn. The called out character needs to click the correct portal, which will pull the group through. Once through the portal you must dispel the named, or he will wipe the group.

The named will cast Desolation, which is an AE that does a decent amount of damage, along with a power drain.

Shadeweaver's Thicket: Loda Kai Isle [Event Heroic]

  • Zone in is located at 632.15 13.07 315.35 in Shadeweaver's Thicket.

Killmaster Kayzen

  • Named is located at 827.63 45.00 311.52

Clear all of the "a loda Kai grunts" in the zone. Doing so will remove all stacks on the name before the fight begins.

Throughout the fight the named will call out a character, they are ported into the central cage. At the same time one of the shadeweavers (epic) in other cages will be let out, and will walk towards the stuck character. Shortly afterward Kayzen will announce hes lining up for a shot on a specific character. Have the group move behind the shadeweaver, so that when the named attempts to shoot the character, it shoots the shadewaver. This will kill it and release the caged char. Rinse and repeat for the remaining shadeweavers. Make sure have the group setup close to each cage where the next shadeweaver will spawn to give everyone time to move behind it before the named fires his shot.

Adds spawn throughout the fight, if more than 10 are up it will be a wipe.

Nimble Rodderick

  • Named roams around 792.05 47.97 465.10

Adds named 'a Loda Kai loot hoarder' spawns constantly throughout the fight, and they will drop a 'loot hoarder's key' on each kill.

Throughout the fight, Roccerick will call out a player, and they will see 'a treasure chest with your name appears! find and open it quick!' - When this happens a treasure chest (looks like a legendary chest) will spawn in the area. Ensure that the called out person gets a key assigned to them, they then need to just run and double click the chest to clear the callout and avoid blowing up.

There is also a stacking debuff that can be dispelled, but also appears to drop/reset randomly.

More info needed.

Taja Verath

  • Named is weak to DISEASE damage.
  • Named is located at 904.21 48.48 371.42

The named comes with three 'a tamed forest tiger' and spawns more throughout the fight.

Will emote 'places more traps around you!' causing ground spawn traps to pop up. I avoided them, but assuming something bad happens if you step on em.

Emotes 'aims her bow at the ground' which causes a large crosshair to be drawn near a char, move out of it or something bad happens.

Will cast 'Poached' which, if within 15 meters, you must move more than 15 meters out to be cured, if more than 15 meters out, you must move within 15 to be cured. Does big damage and stifles.

Has some mechanic that forces a detarget, but couldn't get any info on it. Will try to get more info next run.

Savage Weald: Chaotic Caverns [Heroic]

  • Zone in is located at -894.67 75.12 -375.16 in Savage Weald.

Brutal Bloodbath

  • Named spawns at -1126.77 70.83 -357.44 after killing other mobs in the area, and approaching.
  • Putting on a STIFLE immunity rune (Adamant Resolve) will negate the risk of wiping due to the det spreading.

Starts with a buff that heals it every so often for each bloodpriest alive.

Once bloodpriests are dead, gains damage reduction for each dead bloodpriest. This can be dispelled. So make sure that it's dispelled so it doesn't stack up, else you will likely die.

Calls out a player 'throws some disgusting icor (charnames) way!' Move that toon away or the group gets a det.

The Spelobanzeothitem

  • Named roams around -928.19 67.01 -487.90

Has a stacking buff 'Dense Deposit' that reduces incoming damage by 2% per increment, a dispel removes 2 stacks. So basically spam dispel.

Casts 'Reel' on a player which kills them if they are within 10 meters of the named when it expires.

I like that the name is so goddamned annoying that even the devs wouldn't call it by name in the Detriment text.



Forblarg the Foul

  • Named it located at -1048.37 53.48 -610.92

Will cast the curse 'Pact of Darkness' - Only curable after killing the add. Each time the curse is cured, Cure Curse will be reset, making this fight just a curefest, but otherwise simple.


  • Named is roaming around the pit that becomes clickable after killing the named before.

Throughout the fight, will spawn 'a balanzite eruption' - Kill it asap, if not killed fast enough, a 'a shadow swarmer' add will spawn once the eruption dies. The mob will port to the location of the eruption spawn point once dead.

Shred of Tashakhi

  • This named is weak to MENTAL damage.
  • Named it located at X

Gains a stacking debuff for each warder add that's alive.

Will randomly do one of the following throughout the fight;

Cast 'Death in Sight' which is a groupwide det, DO NOT CURE IT. A character model of one of the group members corpses will spawn, look at the corpse, only cure the character whos corpse is shown, and that will cure the group and not wipe you.

OR it will summon multiple bubbles, and call out a color. Everyone in the group needs to get in the bubble for that specific color.

Savage Weald: Fort Grim [Event Heroic]

  • Zone in is located at -81.19 20.82 -258.54 in Savage Weald.

Ulosi and Ulcine Nacisroc

  • Named it located at -28.71 43.74 -274.08

Split the mobs at least 20 meters apart, burn one, then the other.

Adds spawn that buff the named, so if DPS is low, kill them.

Named will drop circles on the ground constantly, dodge em.

Chief Gadzuuks

  • Named it located at 109.83 51.69 -212.56

Throughout the fight, adds will spawn, if more than 15 are up, you will wipe. Also drops circles on the ground like the previous fight. Will occasionally emote 'prepares to attack everyone in front of him!'. Move behind the named to avoid the frontal.

Felnir the Shadow Prowler

  • This named is weak to HEAT damage.
  • Named it located at 67.14 31.76 -283.99

At the start of the fight, the named has 10 stacks of 10% damage reduction, and the Fire itself is targetable. Attack the fire until 'a moor wolf' spawns. Kill the moor wolf close to the fire. This is will remove a stack from the named. Continue to kill moor wolves as they spawn, and stick to the named.

The named has a frontal attack 'Silencing Howl' that you will want to joust behind the named for. It also emotes a general joust, I missed it a few times and it seems like it's just damage.

If you fail one of the checks, not sure which, there is a debuff that needs to not be cured. However I didn't pay enough attention to get details.

If more than 10 moor wolves are up at once, the named will wipe the group.

Shar Vahl: Siege Break [Heroic]

  • Zone in is located at X, the same door to enter Shar Vahl from Shadeweavers Thicket.

Obscura Zun'Xakra

  • Named is located at -48.02 94.48 338.65 after killing the trash on either side of the door.

Throughout the fight, the named will spawn 'a mind burrower' and place a debuff on a character, telling them that if the burrower isn't killed quickly, they will be possessed. Didn't leave them up long enough to find out if it's a charm, or a death for failure to kill the add.

Do'om Calamitus

  • Named is located at 195.31 77.59 223.03

Doom has many adds floating around the platform it's on. If you kill all of them, the named will go non-targetable and explode after 10 seconds, so do not kill them all.

The named can only be directly targeted/damaged if you have a specific debuff on you, didn't note the name but you will see it.

Each add alive gives Doom a stacking buff, but as mentioned above, if you kill them all, he will explode. So kill enough that you aren't dying to Domination/Calamity of Stone aes, then just slowly burn the named down.

An'Kaas Fer'Zethon

  • Named teleports around the room located at -195.28 -197.78 577.66

The named will randomly port the group around, and summon adds 'a dim shadowbeast'.

Will emote 'summons tremendous heat within the room! RUN!' - Get out of the room.

After leaving the room, when the mob finishes casting, it will emote that a fire remains, grab one of the boxes outside the room, and place it on top of the fire. Each callout will increase the amount of fires that need put out.

Venomess Tshakez

  • Named is located at X

The named casts an uncurable debuff that greatly increases damage you take from the mob, based on distance, so squishy folks should max range. Additionally there is a lot of power drain going on, a frontal with telegraphing, and adds 'Shed of Tshakez'.

Enforcer Yisith

  • Named is weak to MAGIC damage.
  • Some groups may not run a fear rune default - put one on it will fear you.
  • Named is located at -48.11 -181.86 547.98 after moving up and letting him talk for a while, then killing the adds in the room.

Throughout the fight, the named will drop poison circles on the ground, stay out of them. After a while a 'xxxxxxx //the name is now "poisoned shadow" according to ACT//. will spawn from one of the poison circles, kill it to reduce incoming damage.

The named will disappear and spawn sets of adds 'a shissar invader' and 'a Zun Va'Liako', you have a limited amount of time to kill the adds each time this happens, and each time it happens more adds spawn.

Additionally the named will cast Shadowmania, which must be cured by using the 'Itraer Crys Rune' looted from the mobs throughout the zone. You will need to use the rune when the emote 'Shadowmania can now be cured!' is shown.

Vex Thal: Den of Shadows [Heroic I]

  • Zone in is located at Vex Thal Entrance in Shadeweavers Thicket

Pall of Oograll

  • Takes near 0 damage unless adds up.
  • Ignored adds and dps'ed named.

The Umbral Warden

  • Clear both Jails to spawn named.
  • Tank & Spank? Appeared to disappear 2 or 3x during fight, but reappeared 3s later.

Eom Va Zethon

  • Tank'd & spank'd
  • Frontal attack
  • Joust attack
  • Spawns adds that it suggests you kill quick? Ignored them.

Gloomscale Ssyssyx

  • Run it through the beams to drop damage reduction buffs
  • Then move it out of LOS of the eyes so doesn't heal.
  • Keeping adds up longer seems to prevent beams reappearing.

Vasszhin Zeom

  • Kill the adds,
  • Click the pedestals that match the orbs above.
  • Burn named hard after matching all 4 pedestals
  • Repeat till done.


  • Tank'd & Spank'ed.
  • Gains defense/offense for each add up. Adds died to AoE.
  • Frontal aoe, didn't do much, curable.

New Zone 2

  • Zone in is located at X,

Named 1

  • Named is located at X Y Z

It's either tank and spank, or so insanely complex for no fucking reason, who knows!

New Zone 3

  • Zone in is located at X,

Named 1

  • Named is located at X Y Z

It's either tank and spank, or so insanely complex for no fucking reason, who knows!

Older Content

Blood of Luclin Heroic Instances