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! scope="row"| Recovery Speed
! scope="row"| Recovery Speed
| 100
| Everyone
! scope="row"| AE Auto Attack
| 100
| 100
| Everyone
| Everyone

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Melee is essentially the name of the game this expansion. The 'ideal' gear per slot, is gear which helps amplify your melee capabilities.

Worth mentioning is that you can have the best gear in the game, and still have a sub-par experience if you aren't reforging properly.

See Reforging for a guide on optimizing your character.


There are a handful of armor 'sets' within each tier. You can usually tell which set a piece is in, based on the ending of it's name (Deathless, Enlightenment, Destruction). However, the folks in charge of itemization have deemed fit to not have the stats applied be fully consistent per set. So in order to optimize your character, you will end up wearing multiple mismatched set items.

The primary goal is to maximize your DPS Modifier, after you have hit a few other stat goals, which are listed below.

Stat Goal Classes
Casting Speed 100 Everyone
Reuse Speed 100 Everyone
Recovery Speed 100 Everyone
AE Auto Attack 100 Everyone
Strikethrough 100 Everyone
Hate Gain 100 Tanks Only
DPS Mod All Everyone


Stat Priority Notes
Resolve +++ Essentially determines the tier of the gear, meaning higher maximum potency, and other stats.
Weapon Damage ++++ Usually limited to 1-2 sets per tier. ALWAYS choose this.
Casting Speed +++ Fodder stat to reforge to DPS mod.
Reuse Speed +++ Fodder stat to reforge to DPS mod.
Haste ++ Fodder stat to reforge to DPS mod (If no cast/reuse).
Multi Attack ++ Fodder stat to reforge to DPS mod (If no cast/reuse).

Helmets this expansion generally lack the DPS Modifier stat assignment. So you should prioritize a stat (usually cast/reuse) that you are already well over the cap on, with the intent to reforge it directly into DPS Mod.