Sol Eye Heroic Timeline

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This series will require FOUR complete clears for an individual to complete the quest, if running with a static group, it will take a total of FIVE full clears to complete with all characters. This is due to the third and fourth runs allowing the second set of characters to get required group updates ahead of schedule. This is only possible if you follow the quest steps exactly. Do not move ahead and kill trash/etc without having all toons up to the correct step.

Quest 1 - Collection Quest - The Fire Within - Full Clear Required (1)

Complete the collection that requires a full clear of the zone. Each named drops one part of the collection. Turn in the collection at any collection NPC and to receive The Fire Within. Read the book to get the next quest.

Quest 2 - The Fire Within - Winding Descent - Partial Clear Required (2)

2a; Search for Experimental Formulas - These are ground spawns around/between the second and third named. You need to collect eight or so to progress to the next step.

2b; After the quest updates, examine the Vellum page, then read the scroll that's put in your inventory.

2c; Kill later named, Onakoone for the code book.

2d; Harvest the key from the room with Galadoon in it.

2e; Right click, unlock code book, read the scroll, then read it again to get the next quest.

Quest 3 - The Fire Within - Indispensable Components - Partial Clear Required (2)

3a; Collect Coal, this is between Galadoons room, and the lift going down. Make sure you gather them all before taking lift

3b; Collect trash drops, they drop off the trash in the lava bridge section.

3c; Get Redwinger's Tempered Tongs, drops from Ayquini the Firemind.

3d; Get Redwinger's Tempered Flask, drops from Statue mob.

3e; Go back to Ayquini named room, click crafting table at -279.45 -516.39 141.93

3f; Get Breastplate, drops from Qaaaaa

3g; Go back to Mage named room, click crafting table at -279.45 -516.39 141.93

3h; Inspect Breastplate, which grants the next quest.

Quest 4 - The Fire Within: Formula for Success - 1.5 Clears Required (3+4)

4a; Get Intricate Strap Buckles - Drop from the flying mechs near the zone-in and in tunnels throughout first part of the zone.

4b; Get Highly Magical Straps - Drop from Fire Giants after the Trio nameds' room.

4c; Get Flame Galvaniszed Hooks - Drop from Scald, Two are required - One drops per character, per clear, meaning two full clears are required for this update, however it is a GROUP update, so potentially this will be less of a bottleneck for second and third character sets being ran through.

4d; Return to the metallurgist's table and make the final assembly. -279.45 -516.39 141.93