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Important quests that either give access, or reward something that you likely want/need for progression.

VoV Important Quests

Merchants Den / Blue Neck Adorn Quest guide - .

ROS Important Quests

Panda 2021 Timeline - set of 4 white adorns that gives +19 fervor overcap and +21 fervor with all 4 equipped.

Vah Shir Racial Timeline - cats are cool

BOL Important Quests

Sol Eye Heroic Timeline - gives fires of mystery blue adorn with +80 Fervor, +40 Fervor Overcap)

Panda 2020 Timeline - set of 4 white adorns that gives fervor overcap and fervor with all 4 equipped.

Diaku Corral Quest Timeline - Multiple mount gear rewards. Solo or Heroic versions give updates.

CD Important Quests

Celestial Doctrine - At least once, so you can get your Level 10 Ascension stance leveled up to to Celestial (adds 10 ability doublecast).

Get Fervor

Blue Mystery Runes

  • [1] Shadow Touched Rune: Mystery (+100 Fervor, +60 Fervor Overcap) - ?
  • [2] Fires of Mystery Rune (+80 Fervor, +40 Fervor Overcap) - Reward from the Achievement "Triumph: Answer the Call" [3], Defeat all bosses within Solusek's Eye: The Calling [Heroic]
  • [4] Vindicator's Rune of Greater Mysteries (+80 Fervor) - From defeating Soren the Vindicator in Fabled Kael Drakkel.

Blue Embers Runes

  • [5] Shadow Touched Rune: Embers (+50 Fervor) - ?
  • [6] Embers of War (+35 Fervor) - Reward from the Achievement "Perfect Raid: The Fabled Flames of War" in Fabled Plane of War [7]. Defeat all bosses flawlessly within The Fabled Plane of War [Raid]
  • [8] Celestial Rune of Embers (+25 Fervor) - Reward from the Achievement "Triumph: Unmeltable!" Defeat all raid encounters within Doomfire: The Molten Caldera [Raid] as Perfection.

Blue Insight Runes

  • [9] Shadow Touched Rune: Insight (+48 Fervor) - ?
  • [10] Rune: Ragebourne Insight (+35 Fervor) - Purchased in Fabled Kael Drakkel with "Archivist's Tremissis" currency. Earned from Myrist tradeskill missions, Anchorage tradeskill missions, CD PQs.
  • [11] Celestial Rune: Warlord's Puissance (+25 Fervor) - from the Treasures of Guk Collection [12]. This is the final meta collection reward.

Red Torment Runes

  • Tormented Void Rune (+60 fervor, +60 fervor overcap)- Reward from defeating all ROS Heroic Bosses.

Red Paxio Runes

  • Ascension of Love, Firmament of Passion, and Foundation of Excitement - Set of 3 red runes that gives +10 fervor and +10 fervor overcap with all 3 equipped.