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BoL Consumables

Consumables are items that are primarily kept in your inventory (outside of standard food/drink) and are used either automatically in game (auto consume) or manually.

Food and Drink

  • The standard Food and Drink is as follows;

Pome Pome

Hogfish Fricassee


  • There are a lot of decent potions, however the only one I roll with 'full time' is Intellect, for its potency boost.
Potion Notes
Empyral Elixir of Intellect The best, but very expensive!
Voidpiercer's Elixir of Intellect Optimal value.
Veilwalker's Elixir of Intellect Not advised.


  • Snacks are non-auto consumable, usable items that provide temporary (11 minutes with AAs) bonuses.
Snack Who should use
Candied Needlite Priests, Mages, Bards, and Crusaders
Juju Hopling Everyone
Sanctum Snacks Everyone
Shar Vahl Sweetart Everyone
Breaded Bogling Tanks


  • These are items that provide a boost to everyone in the group, usually with a one hour duration.
  • Each person in the group can use these, in any combination.
Link Description
Powerlinks These give the group Potency.
Empyral Powerlink The best, but very expensive!
Voidpiercer's Powerlink Optimal value.
Veilwalker's Powerlink Not Advised.
Painlinks These give the group Crit Bonus
Empyral Painlink The best, but very expensive!
Voidpiercer's Painlink Optimal value.
Veilwalker's Painlink Not Advised.
Forcelinks These give the group a bonus to Health
Empyral Forcelink The best, but very expensive!
Voidpiercer's Forcelink Optimal value.
Veilwalker's Forcelink Not Advised.

Temporary Adornments

Temp Adorn list coming soon, I'm tired.