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Hey EQ2 Devs,

Please, PLEASE pull your collective heads from your collective asses.

Let's look at the RoS Expert zone introduction. On launch, named in these instances had upwards of 375k potency mitigation. There are 53 characters game wide with more than 375k potency according to eq2u.

Your excuse was that there were 'accidentally' doubled up buffs on the mob, So they are changed.

Now the heroic named have 348k potency mitigation. There are 469 characters game wide with 348k or higher potency. - How in the hell do we go from 375 to 348 as a result of a buff being 'doubled up'?

Additionally, these values mean next to nothing, when a char with 405k+ potency is still stuck doing a fraction of the damage they do vs high tier raid mobs.

ADDITIONALLY, y'all broke something with death based buffs on named mobs becoming uncurable. Let's think about this. You update the game, to the point where even the people who can trivially flawless EVERY RAID ENCOUNTER IN THE GODDAMN GAME are spending 10-15 minutes per heroic encounter. AFTER stating that 'the zones will be doable as long as you meet the resolve requirements'. Your solution to making near unkillable mobs a bit less ridiculous? leave the bug in place for two days until your next 'hotfix', which isn't a fucking hotfix if you bring the servers down.

Do the devs do internal tests on these zones before releasing them to the Test server? - If so, what kind of gear do they toss on the characters?

Do the devs verify if a zone has been cleared, or even attempted while it's on the Test server? - At this stage, it's pretty fucking obvious that they don't, because every single new content update that I seen, for the last several years has had some randomly broken mechanic associated with it. Whether it be unkillable mobs, bugs that prevent a zone from being cleared, or a quest from being compelted, or just shit that outright doesn't work.

This game has devolved into literal p2w worse than most fucking phone games. You figure with the ridiculous income per player you are getting, you could at least ensure the game fucking works. But no, instead you start designing content AROUND the p2w players. You released a zone March 30th of this year, 3+ months ago. This is a heroic zone, it's a challenge heroic sure, but still, heroic.

ONE group has cleared this zone, and this group had full, every slot available, p2w gear. The stat requirements to meet the dps checks/incoming damage mitigation/healing/etc, are literally impossible for a 'well geared' (meaning, a group that in raids, has flawlessed every raid encounter in the game) group.

This isn't even stepping into the current eth token requirement to either 1; clear a zone that one group game wide has cleared in 3 months. or 2; do the same weeklies on an alt. Due to the p2w mechanics in play, people are spending literally thousands of dollars to get one character optimized. Why the fuck would they want to maintain alts?

Devs stating that as long as you meet resolve requirements, you will be able to clear experts. That MAY be true, if you have 7 hours to spare!

(Groupwide average potency 300k, each char has at least 200 resolve over the mobs listed requirement.)


Hell yes let's spend an hour, clearing a zone that drops gear massively inferior to the gear required to clear the zone in the first place! I fucking LOVE this game!


Fuck yeah, a new celestial cloak! That's... significantly worse than the one you get from just doing the signature timeline? Expert itemization, really top notch!


Oh dope, a new celestial mount?! how cool is... wait, it's the exact same stats as the existing raid mount :(