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Blood of Luclin Heroics

Make sure you pick up your daily/weekly/whatever quests from the NPCs in the pyramid at -542 61 284 in The Blinding The current version of this page is assuming you are using an overgeared group. So some mechanics may be missed just due to mobs dying too quickly to properly notice them.

Normal Mode Specifics

All strats mentioned default to the 'normal' difficulty methods, if there are Expert mode differences, they will be mentioned later in that mobs entry.

Challenge Mode Specifics

All challenge mode encounters this expansion have 'guk strong' 'strength in numbers' style buffs. Meaning each additional mob you are engaged with will greatly buff all other creatures.

All challenge mode named encounters have a stacking debuff on character death. These can be removed via dispel (Aborb Magic for mages), this includes all named in Sol Eye beyond Galadoon.

Sanctus Seru Instances
Sanctus Seru: Arx Eternus [Event Heroic]

Sanctus Seru: Arx Eternus [Event Heroic]

  • Zone in is located at -198.90 183.22 2.34 in Sanctus Seru [City]

Archon of Life

When you first zone in, pass through the difficulty selection door. Once in the main room there are four pillars, one in each corner of the room. One set of mobs will be spawned at one of the four pillars, note which pillar they spawn in front of, kill them, and another set will spawn at a different pillar. Repeat this until all four sets of spawns are dead. Once this happens, the named will spawn. Pull the mob to the pillar where the first set of adds spawned, once the named hits 75%, move him to the second pillar, repeat at 50 and 25%.

Archon of Death

Once the first named is dead, two sets of adds will spawn around the two central pillars. Kill those, and the second named will spawn. The gimmick of the fight is to keep the named near to the pillar with the lower blue ring.

Expert Mode

The named has an AE with a fear component. If the fight is a struggle, put on anti-fear runes.

Sanctus Eternus

Once the second named dies, the bars over the doors into the next section will drop. Move in there, and the final named is sitting in the center of the room. Campspot your group at 124.93 79.12 3.39, location doesn't seem to matter, but it's a fine spot. As you fight, two adds will activate at separate times, Burn them as they spawn if your DPS is low.

Sanctus Seru: Echelon of Divinity [Heroic]

Sanctus Seru: Echelon of Divinity [Heroic]

  • Zone in is located at -275.42 180.60 0.56 in Sanctus Seru [City]
  • For Challenge/Expert clears, it is generally 'safer' to clear all trash between the first and second named, so you don't need to worry about them adding on while killing the second named, or having the named add while clearing trash.

Divine Prophet Buffo II

  • Named is located at -105.81 177.88 146.32

Clear the trash leading to Buffo and campspot your group. Pull the Luminary Clerics near Buffo, once they are dead, toggle RunWalk on your group and engage the named. add "a luminary arbiter" to your auto target list. Any arbiters up in the zone will come running, one at a time as you fight the named, if they are alive for too long (10 seconds?) they will heal Buffo. Buffo will (randomly?) cast a groupwide fear on your group. You can use anti fear runes on your belts, or if your sturdy enough just ignore it.

Grand Cruciator Typhenon

  • Named paths near -21.67 179.78 -227.28

Add "a luminary interceder" and "Typhenon's Shield Wall" to your auto target. Throughout the fight, like buffo, any interceders left alive will come running one at a time. Additionally the named will spawn a shield wall, and go damage immune until the shield wall is destroyed.

Note which character loots the Horn of the Fallen.


  • Use "Horn of the Fallen" at -146.48 179.09 -203.62 to spawn Unhilynd

Add 'a maiden of marr' to your auto target list.

Normal Mode: Throughout the fight adds will spawn, kill them to minimize incoming damage. Additionally at multiple points Unhilynd will fly into the air, and start dropping circles that will blow you up. Move out of the circles, after 5? drops, approx 20 seconds the named will drop back down.

Expert Mode: Adds spawn, similar to normal mode, however at 30-40% Unhilynd will port back onto the ledge it's near when it spawns. Move your group off to one side so they aren't in a straight line from that ledge, and ranged the named down.

Prysmerah, Arx Patrona

  • Click the door at -194.78 183.22 -0.34 to spawn Prysmerah

Throughout the fight gives a 'Hot Scale' to a character, that character then has 15? seconds to 'use' the item on another player in the group, that player must then use it again within 15? seconds. You can pass it back and forth between two characters.

Once the named is dead, take your group back to -194.78 183.22 -0.34 and click the door.

Lord Triskian Seru

  • Named is at 131.88 79.25 4.10

Add "Chronosphere" to your auto target list. Burn the named, if the fight goes on too long, a chronosphere becomes active, and will need to be killed before the named. Super simple fight.

Challenge Mode note: Around 40% Seru will cast "4th Dimension", when it finishes casting the mob will teleport away. A clicky portal will spawn 'a dimensional tear'. Each char needs to click the portal, and then click the orb. Once all chars have clicked the orb, the fight will resume.

Sanctus Seru: Echelon of Order [Heroic]

Sanctus Seru: Echelon of Order [Heroic]

  • Zone in is located at -275.42 180.60 0.56 in Sanctus Seru [City]
  • The first four named can be done in any order, I'll be listing them in the order of starting with the right hand side. As you are clearing trash on the right hand side, make sure you kill all 'a luminous anima' along the way

Raizyl Pajdu

  • Named paths around -185.75 81.86 -280.91

If the fight goes on too long, the named will port the group, and then herself. Tank and spank otherwise.


  • Named is near -39.21 87.66 -324.08

Throughout the fight, the named will spawn a 'prismatic cluster'. Add this to your auto target list. The named will also occasionally knock back. Burn the cluster before it turns into a bigger, harder hitting add.

Once the named is dead, you can either walk your chars through the teleporter near -45.86 87.66 -348.39, or Evac back to the entrance, and move down the left path.

Moggtu the Mad

  • Kill the Luminary Rangers near -228.97 87.66 108.13 to activate Moggtu.

The named will randomly cause a group member to FD, Announces that it will 'slice everyone in front of him!'.

Cerio Vallain

  • Click to activate, and kill all six 'an affirmation seekers' near 1.72 87.65 352.93 to activate Cerio.

Throughout the fight, Cerio will call out "calls for a (variable) voice!" and an add named (variable) will spawn. Kill the adds in the order they spawn. If your group DPS is high enough, you can ignore the adds entirely and burn the named down.

Once the mob is dead, you can either use the teleporter near 29.13 87.64 336.67, or evac the group back to the entrance.

Lady Warglave

  • Named spawns at -245.44 89.81 -0.02 once other four named are dead.

Add "a Dovinion Knight" to your auto target list. This fight is relatively hard for less geared groups, just due to the amount of incoming damage at the start of the fight. You want to get the adds killed as quickly as possible. Once they are dead, it's tank and spank, with the addition of a knockback from Warglave.

Aurelian Coast Instances
Aurelian Coast: Reishi Rumble [Event Heroic]

Aurelian Coast: Reishi Rumble [Event Heroic]

  • Zone in is located at 111.59 58.53 -653.65 in Aurelian Coast


  • Named is located at 638.40 23.65 586.07

Has a knockback, doesn't seem to do much else.

Once the named is dead, head towards 509.99 17.44 515.44 and several waves of adds will spawn, once they are dead the path will open towards the second named.

Ghest Roppep

  • Named is located at 349.81 42.92 561.77

Tank and spank, throughout the fight multiple 'an angry death cap' will spawn, and can force target group members, even low dps groups can usually completely ignore them and stick to the named.

Move to 472.25 24.19 565.46 to trigger another wave of adds, once they are dead, the final named will spawn.

Ropscion Mindeye

  • Named is located at 488.96 31.62 587.46

Throughout the fight, the named will spawn 'a very angry deathcap' adds, and will randomly port group members around the room.

Aurelian Cost: Maiden's Eye [Heroic]

Aurelian Cost: Maiden's Eye [Heroic]

  • Zone in is located at 111.59 58.53 -653.65 in Aurelian Coast

The Drudge Lord

  • Named is located at -304.08 5.19 -236.73

Straight tank and spank with add spawns that can be safely ignored.

Xylox the Poisonous

  • Named paths near -488.71 30.60 -158.24

Through the fight, the named will spawn a big poison cloud, which will kill you if you stay in it.

Shadowed Abomination

  • Named is located at -547.45 60.20 54.25

Basic tank and spank, with a knockback. To remove the risk of characters getting knocked into the water, pull back to around -582.07 59.44 13.47

Va Dyn Kar

  • Named is located at -688.90 59.22 -136.11

Tank and spank, throughout the fight, multiple 'an aggressive boulder' will spawn. They can be ignored.

The Shadow Overlord

  • Named is located at -664.92 77.02 75.63

There are two adds that must be killed before the named will take damage. The order you kill them in doesn't seem to matter.

Aurelian Cost: Sambata Village[Heroic]

Aurelian Cost: Sambata Village[Heroic]

  • Zone in is located at 111.59 58.53 -653.65 in Aurelian Coast

Ercel Bloodpaw

  • Named is located at 101.50 75.80 -265.22

Tank and spank

Grugnop, the Guard

  • Named is located at 26.58 71.43 -429.20

Tank and spank

Grrrunk the Trunk

  • Named is located at 64.22 78.49 -572.03

Tank and spank, adds spawn throughout the fight.

Ryryrd of the Wind

  • Named is located at -23.70 88.09 -628.67

There are several 'a Sambata hoprocker' that are part of the encounter, while they are still alive, the named takes much less damage so kill those first.

Purpyron the Massive and Mrokor, the Smartist

  • Named is located at -114.34 81.85 -688.08

Two mobs, tank and spank.

Fordel Midst Instances
Fordel Midst: The Listless Spires [Event Heroic]

Fordel Midst: The Listless Spires [Event Heroic]

  • Zone in is located at X Y Z in Aurelian Coast
  • In the first area, there are a lot of trash mobs that have to be killed before Old Witherby spawns. Ensure that after you kill each set of mobs, you hail/doubleclick the centermost ghost in each group. They will thank you, then disapear.

Old Witherby

  • Named is located at X Y Z

Has a knockback, powerdrain and spawns adds which can be ignored.

Named has one hard hitting AE (Hog Fried).

War Master Ryzon

  • Named is located at X Y Z

Tank and spank, the mob will occasionally cast a knockback, and memwipes, at low health will split from it's mount. Kill both.

Fire Monger Baltar

  • Named roams around X Y Z

The named takes much less damage than normal on pull. Shortly after engaging this named, a handful of ghost NPCs will spawn, If you hail them, your character model will be replaced with a ghost, and you will do normal damage to the named.

Fordel Midst: Wayward Manor [Heroic]

Fordel Midst: Wayward Manor [Heroic]

  • Zone in is located at X Y Z in Aurelian Coast

The Deadly Dapperling

  • Named is located at X Y Z - After killing some trash in the room.

Straight tank and spank with a nox debuff that needs cured.

Eegut Stonegut

  • Named spawns at X Y Z after pulling 5-6 bug mobs into traps around the room.

Throughout the fight, adds will spawn. These can be completely ignored. If the fight goes on for more than 30-40 seconds, the named will call out a character, that character needs to move at least 20 meters away from the rest of the group, else everyone explodes. (need chat text on called out character)


  • Named is located at X Y Z after clicking the various things on the ground in the room adjacent to the named.

Use the item created by clicking the crafting table in the adjacent room before pulling. Yelloweyes will call out an archetype, only cure the curse on the called out classes. Additionally if you don't use the item created the named will have a decent knockback, and fear.

Tog Voil

  • Named roams around upper walkway.
  • Make sure you have killed enough of the trash netherbeins upstairs to have a 'nether coil' on each character. - There is a clickable dead netherbein the whole group can click in the Normal mode of the zone, this doesn't seem to spawn in Expert.

Only characters with a Nether Coil in there inventory can properly damage the named. If Tog isn't killed within 30-40 seconds, he will teleport away, follow him by clicking the black ground spawn smoke effect thing.

Famyra the Biblioghost

  • Named is located at X Y Z

Normal Mode: Target the named, beat on it until it's dead.

Expert Mode: Around 25-30% Famyra will cast an ability causing the four bookcases to fall, and will take hugely reduced damage. Kill the books that spawn on top of each of the fallen bookcases, then go back to the named.

Fordel Midst: Bizarre Bazaar [Heroic]

Fordel Midst: Bizarre Bazaar [Heroic]

  • Zone in is located at X Y Z in Aurelian Coast
  • If this is your first clear, there is a long, annoying series of steps you have to do in order to spawn each named. You can read about that here.
  • If you have completed this zone before, and speak Kerran (available at any language trainer merchant). Hail the cat at the entrance and choose something about perusing a pounce.

Financier Fendilixa

  • Named is located at X Y Z

Tank and spank, creates a clone of itself, which can be ignored.

Mandee Quin and Mannee Quin

  • Named is located at X Y Z
  • The first named will have dropped "30 Grit Sandpaper" stack the group together and use it/enable auto consume on it before pulling.

Both named memwipe occasionally, and can powerdrain. Kill Mandee first.

Short Shift

  • Named is located at X Y Z
  • The second named drops a "Lucky Horseshoe" whoever loots it should use it immmediately before engaging, and continue to use it until the fight is over.

Tank and spank, spawns dung piles which increase incoming damage, can be killed if required.

Trade Baroness Elsindir

  • Named is located at X Y Z
  • A "Cats Eye Agate" drops from the third named.

Normal Mode: Whoever looted the Cats Eye Agate will need to use it when Elsindir calls out (Whatever the spell is called, has a long, visible casting time).

Expert Mode: There is an ability that calls out a character (or characters?) and spawns flags, not sure about the mechanic, mobs usually dead before it becomes an issue. Cats Eye Agate clicking is still required.

Bazaar Baron Brixwald

  • Named roams around the arena near X Y Z
  • The fourth named drops several items, Set "Upgraded 30 Grit Sandpaper" to autoconsume, and use the Upgraded Lucky Horseshoe pre-pull, and maintain it throughout the fight.

Baron Brixwald has a KB and a power drain, and spawns adds. The adds can generally be ignored. As long as Sandpaper and Horseshoe effect are active, you can just burn the named.

Wracklands - Ssraeshza Instances
The Venom of Ssraeshza [Event Heroic]

The Venom of Ssraeshza [Event Heroic]

  • Zone in is located at X Y Z in Wracklands


  • Named is located at X Y Z

Emotes about colors, move him into the colors that are emoted.


  • Named is located at X Y Z

Normal Mode: There are four pairs of 2 colored orbs. Throughout the fight will call out a color that is combination of the two colors in an area, move the named between those two orbs, adds will activate, kill those and wait for the next callout.

Expert Mode: The fight mechanics are the same, but the mob is much more difficult. Recommended strat is to fight he named between Black/White, and hope it calls out Grey early. Once the adds for grey are dead, continue burning the named.

Arch Nemesis Rhag'Nazza

  • Named sits at the top of the pyramid at X Y Z

The named has a buff that decreases damage in, AND damage out the higher she is in the water. Park the group about halfway down the pyramid, and pull the named down to the group and burn. There are mechanics where you can move bubble to bubble to remove damage reduction, but the movement isn't really worth the hassle.

The Vault of Ssraeshza [Heroic]

The Vault of Ssraeshza [Heroic]

  • Zone in is located at X Y Z in Wracklands
  • This zone is annoying as hell. Each named section minus the last has a left and right chamber. After killing each named, you will need to move a character onto the glow effect in the 'correct' room. It seems the correct room is the first room cleared, when prepping for each named. So if you go right each time, it should be the right for each door. So for the first named, you will need to move a character to the correct glow effect, then with another character click the button near the closed door. For the second named, you will have to do the second, and the first. Third requires third, second, and first. Super annoying.

Nev Dax'Thall

  • Named is located at X Y Z
  • The named does not spawn until you solve the first 'puzzle'. This involves having three characters select the same colored orb, moving into one of the rooms (doesn't matter which) and placing all three orbs in the three pillars, then retriving them, bringing them back to where you got them, then getting the other three and doing the other side.

The named takes hugely reduced damage, unless you click the purple orbs surrounding the mobs spawn point. It will occasionally port a random group member to one of the side rooms. If you haven't dropped all the orbs, the characters will be unable to run back into the main room.

Gloombeast Azrinax

  • Named is located at X Y Z
  • The named doesn't spawn until you complete the 'puzzle' for this section. For this, one character will need to stand on the small platform near the side room. This will drop the wall, allowing the other five characters to move in, once the five are in, the parked char needs to step off the platform, towards the blocked passage. Adds will spawn, kill them all, then move the parked char back onto the platform to open the door, then repeat on the opposite side.

Gloombeast is a tank and spank encounter. Occasionally adds will spawn, which reduces the mobs incoming damage, but can be ignored.

Umbral Lord Yzo

  • Named is located at X Y Z
  • The named doesn't spawn until you complete the 'puzzle' for this section. This one is fairly straightforward, you just need to go into each room, and kill all of the non-aggro npcs in both rooms.

The named mob is fairly straightforward, spawns adds occasionally, but can be ignored. After a short while (20 seconds) the named will port to one of the two side rooms. After porting the mob will stop taking damage, you need to kill all of the mobs that spawn in that room before it will begin taking damage again. If the mob survives for another 20-30 seconds, it will port to the opposite room, and the process needs to be repeated.

Shadow Rhozth Ikeshzi

  • Named is located at X Y Z
  • The puzzle for this encounter is less a puzzle, and more just running around killing stuff. Clear the two side rooms, then drop down the big hole in the ground in the central room. Move down hallway and clear trash in the clearing.

The named has a knockback, otherwise tank and spank.

Shade of Vyzh'dra

  • Named roams around the central pillar.

Normal Mode: Target the named, beat on it until it's dead.

Expert Mode: Throughout the fight, adds will spawn that give the named a large DPS boost. Additionally the named (or an add?) can cause AE Fear, so use anti-fear runes if you are having trouble.

The Ruins of Ssraeshza [Heroic]

The Ruins of Ssraeshza [Heroic]

  • Zone in is located at X Y Z in Wracklands
  • After killing each named (besides the first) there will be a clicky item nearby. Make sure you click these items.

The Architect of Ruin

  • Named is located at X Y Z

Throughout the fight, the Architect will call out a character, that character needs to move off to the side, as the mobs 'hit' is directional. Moving them from behind, to flanking on one side is fine. After this mob has died, click the large shissar statue, a lightning particle effect will pop up, pointing towards the nearest platform. Move to the platform, and click it to move towards the next named.

Vesshtri the Swordfang

  • Named is located at X Y Z
  • After taking the portal, there is a room with a large spike pit, and 5 statues. Approaching the statues causes them to turn into mobs that will aggro you. Once killed, there are multiple platforms on the ground. Standing on top of one will cause the wall on the opposite side of the room to change to a painting. Check each platform until you find the painting that looks like two shissar facing each other. Once this is found, have one character remain ON the platform, run the rest of the group in a straight line, over the spike pit. Have a character who has successfully crossed the invisible bridge stand on the platform on that side, to allow the first character to run over.

Similar to the first named, it will occasionally call out a directional attack, move the char off to one side. Once named is dead, the bars over the next clicky will raise, collect the clicky and head back to the entrance (due to the spike pit mechanic, it's easier to evac).

After you are back at the entrance, find the clickable Shissar statue, and click it.

Rath'Girosz and Rath'Argoth

  • Named is located at X Y Z

Rath'Girosz is stronger (offense and defense) between 6am and 6pm

Rath'Argoth is stronger during 6pm and 6am.

After the named is defeated, You need to select the correct time of death in order to open the next set of bars. 12 is the shining shissar statue. Collect the clicky, and head back to the teleporter you used to come in (or evac).

After you are back at the entrance, find the clickable Shissar statue, and click it.

Gorgorah the Shadowmanic

  • Named is located at X Y Z
  • All trash in the room must be killed before the named spawns.

Gorgorah must be killed within the black orb that spawns in the middle of the room. If the fight lasts longer than 30 seconds, the orb will begin moving to another location. You can continue to burn the named as long as you (and the mob) stay within the orb.

Once the mob is dead, in order to get the next clicky, you will have to do a puzzle. This involves clicking the central wheel, and choosing clockwise/counter clockwise, and moving up a moving platform to click a shiny.

To access the first shiny, you need to move the platform Clockwise ONCE, then move up and click the shiny. To access the second shiny, you need to then move Clockwise TWICE, then move up the platform to click the shiny. To access the third shiny, you need to move COUNTER Clockwise TWICE, then Clockwise ONCE, then move up and click the shiny. After all three are collected, move Clockwise TWICE to move the platform to the final shiny. Move up, click the bars to open them, then collect the shiny.

Move back to the teleporter (or evac), once back at the entrance, click the Shissar statue, and then move to the center of the room, and click the platform to reveal a staircase downward.

Kor Va Xian

  • Named spawns in center of room, after completing the 'puzzle'.
  • In order to activate this named, you will need to bump up the graphics settings to High Perf, or Balanced in order to be able to see the icons. As you make your way down the incline, there will be four platforms with adds around them. Kill the trash, and click the platform. Once you reach the bottom, there are four connected rooms, standing outside the rooms, and looking up, you will see one of four icons (Sword/Hammer/Symbol/Staff). Note which is seen, then move into the room, click the pillar and enter the shown icon. Repeat this for all four rooms, and the final named will spawn.

Fight the named on it's center platform. Throughout the fight it will put "Luclinite Bomb"s in random characters inventories which must be destroyed. Additionally adds will spawn regularly. The adds can generally be ignored, but if you are having survivability issues, add them to your auto target list.

Wracklands: Diaku Corral [Heroic]

Wracklands: Diaku Corral [Heroic]

  • Zone in is located at X Y Z in Wracklands
  • Trash mobs throughout the zone drop Single Shot Boltshooter. These are used to spawn the second named.

Brutto Ucot

  • Named is located at -633.77 28.63 -374.61 - Click to kick him to make him attackable.

Throughout the fight (every 20%?) Brutto will stop taking damage, and one of the crates in the area will have a few rats spawn near it, and the lid will despawn. When this happens, you need to click one of the wooden pallets on the ground, and place it on top of the 'open' crate. When this is done, a few rat adds will spawn, kill those, then back to burning the named.

The Invisible Swordsman

  • Named is located at -44.98 -34.10 -111.23
  • In order to spawn this named, all of the "a succulent singer" along the path have to be killed. These are not attackable until someone in the group targets them and 'uses' one of the Single Shot Crossbows looted from trash in the zone.
  • Once all of the 'a succulent singer's have been killed, 'the succulent singer' spawns at -766.87 62.42 -537.27 - Once this mob is dead, The Invisible Swordsman will spawn and attack.

Every 20%, The Invisible Swordsman will go immune to damage, and several white circles will spawn on the ground. You will need to move the named over each of these circles. When a circle is walked on by the named an add named "a succulent stinger' will spawn. Once all of the circles are activated, the named will start taking damage. Repeat until dead.

Elga Upo

  • Named roams around -564.34 62.10 -471.77

Every 20%, the named will disappear, and say a phrase. What is said determines which piñata you need to kill to get the named to come back. Killing the wrong add will spawn a few adds.

"They comin' up through the sand! Eeee!" - Crab

"I don't see how it beat no hare in a race" - Turtle

"Hey Honey" -

"Quit yer bagerin'" - Badger

"Ever see one fly? I hear some even got them a horn!" - Pegasus

"Y'know we got us one penned up, but ain't got no wings" - Manticore

Morna Joro

  • The trio are surrounding the mechanical bull at -541.77 61.56 -647.22

There are three named in this encounter, Morna, Banstee and Tinboe. Before you can kill Morna, you have to kill Banstee and Tinboe first. Both of these named will constantly heal each other if they are within 20m of each other. So an enchanter/druid/whoever will need to either mez, or root one of the two, while the group burns the other. The order they die in doesn't seem to matter.

Around 30 seconds into the fight, there will be a greentext saying "Ya gotta play Morna's game if you wanna survive! One of you get on that bull!" - A group member will need to approach and click the mechanical bull and (do all that bullshit).

Once both of the brothers are dead, burn down Morna.


All of the trash mobs after Morna encounter are 'challenge mode' so they have the stacking buff that makes each mob more powerful, for each one you are engaged with.


  • Named is located at -686.41 66.09 -645.41

Sergio is in a cage, throughout the fight he casts a curse that should only be cured while outside his cage. But can only take damage when there are at least 3 people inside his case. The door is an obstruction so you don't have LOS through it. So have priest/s park right outside the gate, clicking the door as need needed while tank/dps are inside burning the named.

Vleecan Fele

  • Named is located at X Y Z
  • This named is literally the fucking annoying encounter I have ever witnessed.

Every (interval?) Vleecan will cast a curse on a character, that MUST be cured while the group is standing on top of each other.

Every 10%, Vleecan will call out an archetype, You will need to kill the add that coincides with that archetype. There are anywhere from 2-5 of each of the add up at any given time, and you have to kill the 'correct' one. If you kill the wrong one, more adds spawn.

After 50%, the center wall lifts, exposing a pit into x4 red con sharks, once a second every character is pulled towards the center. This can be negated by having characters stand behind any of the barricades.

mages - regulator

scouts - desperado

priests - sawbones

fighters - bulldozers

Solusek's Eye: The Calling [Heroic]

Solusek's Eye: The Calling [Heroic]

  • Zone in is located at -326.96 85.60 -145.51 in Lavastorm
  • There is a teleporter located at -126.69 -114.09 634.86 , if you click that, then also click the gear located at -326.87 84.10 -185.32 . You will be able to teleport from the Lavastorm zone in, to right outside the instance zone in.
  • There are teleporters inside the zone as well.
  • In order to clear the zone, all characters must speak Krombral (Giant).


The first is located at 18.23 14.60 -43.15

The second is located at 84.01 -358.30 197.72 (Same room as Lord Commander Izeroth)

The third is located at -299.81 -511.90 215.98 (in a room along the main 'path')

The fourth is located at -416.15 -589.10 -162.07 (right before zone-in to Scald)

The Iron Widow

  • Named is located at X Y Z

Pull The Iron Widow off the pad it's standing on, and burn. Adds spawn, but can be ignored.

Nonvinctus the Unleashed

  • Named is located at -44.98 -34.10 -111.23

Just a tank and spank, emotes about running, but can be ignored.

Dread Lady Vezarra

  • Named is located at -278.32 -40.21 -174.18

Avoid crosshairs that appear on the ground. Burn name, adds can be AOE’d down.

Chief Babagoosh

  • Named is located at -251.83 -239.62 -34.72

Allow adds to spawn & burn them asap.

Sickleclaw and Evisceraptor

  • Named is located at 6.73 -247.80 27.98

Burn one then the other. Doesn’t seem to matter which one.

Lord Commander Izeroth

  • Named is located at 32.81 -358.70 172.22

Position Korvisaur on crosshairs that appear on the ground. Kill Beastmaster Xerin first, then Korvisaur, then Lord Commander Izeroth.

Pyreduke Surtaug

  • Named is located at -25.31 -245.29 33.19

This seems to be a dps check name. More than 60B groupwide DPS is required. Probably closer to 150B groupwide DPS is needed. a volcanic fragmentation add causes a stacked buff on named that increases offense & defense. Killing a volcanic fragmentation add cause it to split into two adds. Kill twisting flames add as priority.

Strat option 1: Stay on name, AOE volcanic adds to keep stacks low. Burn twisting flames asap then back on name.

Strat option 2: Singular Focus the whole group, and don't use AEs and just kill Twisting Flames, going back to the named between adds.

Strat option 3: GET BIG


  • Named is located at -175.24 -369.40 -302.84

There is a small hut near the named, throughout the fight the named will emote "Onakoome begins to ascend!" and an add will spawn inside the hut. Kill the adds as they spawn. Tank and spank otherwise.


  • Named is located at -265.34 -370.90 -89.87

Throughout the fight, Galadoon will start casting Slag Diving, when this happens, you have to kill one of the adds on top of the named. This will cancel Slag Diving for 10-15 seconds.

At certain intervals (need health percent, or timers), Galadoon will port a random character to one of the prison cells around the room. That character, and one other will get a debuff. If the cursed character isn't cured while close to the caged one, both characters die.

Hortu the Scorched

  • Named is located at -198.40 -557.34 207.63

At 25% intervals, Hortu will spawn an add. The first two are on either side of the two platforms he is standing on/near. Once those adds die, orange circles will appear on the ground. The third and fourth adds spawn outside of reach/unattackable, unless a character stands in the circle on the opposite side of where the add spawns, another character then needs to jump onto the carpet in front of the mob and target the new add, this will allow it to be brought back to the group.

Ayquini the Firemind and Scorion

  • Named is located at -285.62 -516.41 119.00

Throughout the fight Ayquini will 'balance' HP with Scorion if the HP difference is too high. Scorion will split throughout the fight (begins to deconstruct!), Keep a relatively even burn, kill the Scorion splits when it happens, otherwise a straightforward fight.

Lord Kargurak

  • Named is located at X Y Z

On pull, the mob will have a decrementing buff at 15 stacks that counts down 1 stack per second. After 15 seconds, the mob will stop taking damage, and four adds will spawn (the Usurper's guard).

Approximately one minute into the fight, and every minute after, the named will shout ROLL CALL and two characters will be 'called out' there is an emote on the character called out, they will need to move around the platforms near the named and find the one that has a copy of there character model floating above it. They will then need to click the button on that platform, and type there name in the textbox that pops up. Failing to do so will kill you, and I believe put a buff on the named. Each additional callout phase will have one extra character called out. (2-3-4-5-6).

Kargurak will cast "At Ease" which is a blue detriment with a chair icon. This greatly reduces your damage output, to clear it, crouch until you get an emote saying it's cleared/the debuff drops.

The general strat is to leave the adds up for as long as you can. If the mob hits 60 stacks, it will wipe the group, but letting it ride up to 50-55 means you will have more time to burn the named before the next add set spawns.

Qaaron the Usurper

  • Named is located at 58.78 -603.45 -54.19

This named does not move, but occasionally teleports on top of a player. If it teleports on top a character who is on one of the platforms (even slightly), it will give a message saying that he has snuffed out the firepit, and 5-10 seconds later it will despawn.

At 25% intervals the named will spawn a lamp, off the edge of the cliff you are fighting him on. There are four small braziers on the ground, throughout the fight a pair of adds will spawn "the Usurper's fireguard" and "a burning manifestation". You will need to kill one of the manifestations near the braziers to activate floating paths that lead to the lamps.

With a lamp spawned, and the platform up, you need to take one character to the lamp, click it, then move back into the fight (staying within 20 meters of the lamp you clicked). The lamp click effect is classed as a curable debuff, so make sure that nobody in the group is curing.

You only need to handle one or two of the lamps in most cases. So choosing one side, and placing the group between the braziers is likely the optimal placement.


  • Named is located on the giant circular pillar in the middle of the room.

Throughout the fight, Scald will cast Pyrolysis, which is a curse that affects the whole group. One character will get a message "If you're cured, they're all cured!" That character must be cured, if anyone else is cured, it will wipe the group.

Najena gives a buff at the start of the fight so you do quite a bit more damage, and can cast while moving.

Small rock NPCs will spawn with a countdown timer, if you are near them when the timer reaches 0, they explode, and you turn into a rock, taking much more damage (this is essentially a wipe).

Scald will activate the "Idol of Flame" npcs around the room, when activated they are killable, and give a buff to Scalds damage, kill them as they pop up, if six are up at once, it's a wipe.

Additionally Scald will begin to drop items 'from the ceiling'. These are attackable 'a molten chrysalis', if these aren't killed they will spawn into an add, which when killed will spawn into four more adds. It's much easier to just kill the chrysalis.

Essentially you just want to ranged the whole fight, moving to avoid the rocks that spawn, and killing the adds as they come up.